Welcome to the Bruna Vybes blog, where Holistic Self-Intimacy Coach Bruna Rocha will share with you her journey into self-discovery, healing, and growth.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bruna is the capital’s youngest daughter of a middle-class family. By the time Bruna reached school age, her parents had ensured she was interested in culture and spirituality and had mastered her communication skills as a child.

When the family lost all, they pushed Bruna to keep studying and learn the value of knowledge itself.

In her earlier teenage years, she lost her father and her biggest supporter, which stressed, even more, her relationship with her mother and views of her future.

Bruna worked in the neighborhood market from a very young age as an artisan, then became a Spanish teacher, and even worked as a public servant, until she decided to focus on her modeling career.

As a model and a Brazilian Samba dancer, an opportunity to travel the world was presented, and it would change Bruna’s life forever.

The challenges and opportunities she found were sometimes scary, but the battles she faced growing up, practically raising herself, made Bruna extremely resilient and courageous.

She went through psychological and sexual abuse, poverty, and unexpected situations, believing everything was a lesson and confirming her purpose.

A purpose where she teaches others to master the skill of forgiveness and how to live a life free of fear and guilt. And the most important thing is holding yourself accountable and not committing the same mistakes.

To achieve her life purpose, Bruna went to get regular education in Brazilian Law and Nutrition. Thus, she went beyond learning how to complement her artistic life and as a spiritual healer. Deeping her knowledge of ancient practices, such as traditional yoga, meditation, Ho’oponopono, Law of Attraction, Hypinosis, The Silva Method, Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping, and more.

Bruna embodied freedom, the natural power of mother earth, the fire of her femininity, and the assertive, determined side of her masculinity. She lives life to the fullest, feeling and embracing happiness and joy and contemplating the hurt and the pain as a whole.

Rather, you are a man or a woman; you can benefit from the teachings of someone who walks the talk regarding freedom and living life to its highest level.